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Merry Christmas – Wayward Strategy Deserts of Kharak Giveaway.

I have made no bones about proclaiming Deserts of Kharak my most-enjoyed RTS experience this year. Its visual direction and mechanical design are compelling: capturing the haunting, stark brutality of the Homeworld franchise, while pulling the user along on one of the best narrative experiences in the RTS space. I also enjoyed the game’s multiplayer while its community was active.

It just so happens that I have a spare key for Deserts of Kharak, and I thought that I’d spread a little Christmas cheer by giving it out on the 24th of December.

To be eligible, all I ask is that you write a comment on this post before December 24 (as determined by Eastern Standard Time). On the afternoon of the 24th (approximately 6PM EST) I will assign all posters a number, and use a web-based RNG to pick the winner. I will ask the winning user to contact me either on twitter (@waywardstrategy) or Facebook (via the Wayward Strategy Facebook page) to receive the key, which will be delivered to that user before midnight EST.