“If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not taking risks, and that means you’re not going anywhere. The key is to make mistakes faster than the competition, so you have more chances to learn and win.” – John W Holt Jr.

Competitive games can teach people much about themselves and reinforce valuable life skills in meaningful ways. Wayward Strategy is here to share thoughts on these topics with you, and hopes that you gain some value from the contents of this site.

We feel that competitive strategy games are an excellent tool for training in critical, universal life skills such as:

  • Making good, efficient decisions under pressure
  • Making accurate decisions based off of incomplete information
  • Budgeting the scarce resources of time, attention and capital
  • Doing a lot with limited resources/making the best of bad situations
  • Not being so afraid to lose that you won’t even try
  • Learning from your losses and setbacks
  • and many more

Strategy games are beautiful, organized systems, playgrounds for exercising the mind. It’s a shame that so many people pass them by. Wayward Strategy is here to advocate for, educate in and strive for the evolution of the crucially important and endlessly interesting competitive strategy game genre.

Thanks for reading.


Wayward Strategy is an avowed enthusiast of real-time strategy games. Wayward Strategy is passionate about the genre and tend to focus on the positive. Wayward Strategy does not break NDAs in alphas or betas, and also does not accept payment of any sort in exchange for content posted to this site or any of my properties (YouTube channel, etc.). As of 5/21/2015 Wayward Strategty will mention in each article if an author paid for a given game, if the author was given alpha/beta access to a game (and how, e.g. if they entered a beta through sign ups or was given a beta key upon request), and if the author has financial involvement with a particular company/game (e.g. if I backed a game on Kickstarter).



  1. Just ran into this site. Excellent reading, but I was wondering how I can subscribe the new posts via email without leaving a comment.


  2. Being a mature gamer (45 years old), having produced my own utube content with my wife on RTS games, and loving RTS I understand how much work goes into playing, producing meaningful content, and running a real life outside of it all! Great JOB! I had my hands full making a couple of videos a month on one game. I have no idea how you, and others, can play so many games and still do it? It is hard for me to hop from game to game to game… I usually fall in love with one for at least a few months!


  3. Hello
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    Watch my Showreel and let me know if you need my services.


    Thank you very much


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