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I’ve begun reading the personal blogs of a number of great thinkers in the RTS community of late, and unreservedly recommend these blogs to any of my readers (new blogs added as I think of them)

Odin Gaming is the blog of RTS grand-strategy enthusiast “Ash.” He’s an astute observer of the genre, highly passionate and prolific.

Flash of Steel is the personal blog of longtime strategy and wargaming writer and thinker Troy Goodfellow, who also happens to be the founder of the 3 Moves Ahead podcast. He’s an outspoken and insightful commentator and well worth reading.

In Designer-Notes we find the collected writings of games industry veteran and designer of Civilization 3 and 4 Soren Johnson. Soren, who has moved on and founded his own studio Mohawk Games, is a powerful and articulate writer. His writing is wonderfully inspiring.

Wargamespace is the virtual stomping ground of Bruce Geryk of venerable production ‘Tom vs Bruce.” Bruce is a well read and incisive critic of Wargames with a vast knowledge of tabletop Wargaming.

Tiny Little Frogs is where Brad Wardell of Stardock holds court. Brad is the CEO of Stardock, a software/games development and publishing company which, alongside Paradox, is one of the major players remaining in the publishing of RTS, 4x and other strategy games. Brad seems to do most of his writing in defense of his company of late, but still finds time to write about coding and game design.

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  1. I played Total Annihilation when online gaming was just comming out. It is still the best game I have ever played. All the new games that I have seen rely on a base that costs money and time to build rather than starting from scratch each time. Is there anything like TA anymore?


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