Brandon ‘Wayward’ Casteel

Brandon ‘Wayward’ Casteel is the founder of the site Wayward Strategy. A graphic/web designer by education and currently SharePoint designer by trade, Brandon’s real passion is competitive gaming, especially the real-time strategy and real-time tactics genres. Brandon has been playing RTS since WarCraft: Orcs and Humans and is a long-time fan of Blizzard’s art direction, citing the work of Samwise Didier and Chris Metzen as some of his inspirations for going into graphic design in the first place.

Wayward took a hiatus from RTS play during his college years, and re-entered the competitive landscape with Supreme Commander. Since then, he has played almost nothing but RTS games, from the Command and Conquer series to Dawn of War and relatively eclectic titles like End of Nations and Offworld Trading Company. Wayward is also a game designer and modder, in addition to weighing in on game news and opinions, and is working on a StarCraft 2 mod called “S.C.R.A.P.”


At the tender age of 7 I got Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and couldn’t beat the first few levels but I still fell in love with the ideas in the game. Looking back now the game is still difficult but I’m lucky it didn’t scar me for life. A few years late I experienced the better games of Warcraft 2, Red Alert and Age of Empires and it hasn’t stopped since. Since then I have developed a love for anything with complexity and strategy, my studying sociology in college to becoming an American football writer, I love trying to understand and explain complex systems. While football may be my first sport love, Starcraft 2 takes a close second and I’m an avid follower of it as an eSport.

While I lack game design experience I hope to still bring something unique to the site.

Callum McCole

Callum McCole is a game designer and commentator. He rose to prominence in the RTS space via his YouTube channel Generals Gentlemen. He is the senior designer on Ashes of the Singularity and has also contributed to Star Control: Origins.

Callum is one of the leading voices in the modern RTS space.

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