Calling all Protoss players – train like a pro!

This happens to me more often than I'd care to discuss.

The estimable @mycotoxin_zerg of zergnewbs is participating in a group called The Training Pit, and has asked for my help drumming up the support of the Bronze through Platinum league Protoss community. Why he thought anyone reads this blog, is beyond me.

Ha, but seriously, I think that the Training Pit is an excellent idea. It’s a relatively closed community, as you have to apply to be a member, and should be referred by an existing member to get in. The idea behind this group is to build a community of friendly, helpful players to practice in a casual, judgment-free environment. As a newly-minted Protoss player (read:terrible) I fully endorse this idea!

The plan of the coordinators of the Training Pit is to set up a database of players (you’ll see the criteria when you request an account) to arrange for practice sessions, team games, Playhem tournaments and probably more! They’ll be setting up a web site and forums, and have a private chat channel set up on BattleNet.

Like I said, I really like this idea, and am already a member. As it turns out, the Training Pit is in need of Protoss (and Terran) members. Hopefully, someone out there who has not seen Mycotoxin’s posts and tweets will see this and sign up, adding some Protoss-flavored momentum to this initiative.

EDIT: I failed to mention this before. Currently, this initiative is only open to players with North America accounts. I know that will disappoint some of you. Perhaps if enough sign up, and find someone to moderate it, they will consider creating and supporting a Europe server group as well?

See you in game!


  1. BTW! People do read your blog… LOL! I just rarely leave comments. Anyway, the Training Pit is friggin awesome. I would really love to do it, but I just don’t have the free time to jump in 😦


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