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End of Nations Beta Code Giveaway!

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Edit: The uses for this code  are likely all gone by now. I’ll be removing this post on May 1.

Hey all, I’m going to keep this short and sweet: the fine folks at End of Nations were kind enough to give me a 20 license beta key, and I’m passing the savings on to you (sorry, I always wanted to say that).

End of Nations, as I’m sure you’re aware if you read this blog, is an MMORTS which is being developed by Trion  (makers of Rift) and Petroglyph (Westwood Studios vets responsible for Star Wars: Empires at War, Universe at War, and other games). Read this post for more information, or check out the official website if you’re so inclined. I’d recommend taking a look at the site, by the way: it was recently overhauled and looks awesome.

I’ll put in a disclaimer here ahead of the beta code: the beta has not yet begun. It’s starting sometime in the Spring, probably late April or even in May. This is just a way to ensure you’ll have a spot when it does begin.

Now, on to the main event: the beta code. Here it is: HR93-M7GX-NXPG-CGMR-H6TT

If you haven’t already, go here and create an account really quickly (hopefully, you already have one!). Once you have your account, you can go here (your account page) and choose Apply Code from the menu on the left side.

Please let me know in the comments if you get a license, or not. I’ll be removing this post once all 20 licenses are given away.

Look forward to seeing you in the beta!

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