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8 Bit Invaders Giveaway

From humble beginnings, Petroglyph’s “8 Bit” series has some quite a long way. They’ve gone from 1 faction at launch to 6, with army themes including near future military, WarCraft 2-esque high fantasy, and most recently they’ve added 2 science fiction factions. The games have 2 campaigns in each version, and recently their free-form territory control game mode has been rolled out across all 3 titles. They’ve even launched a multiplayer-only version of the title for $5, and a free version of that offering, which I see as a really smart idea. Additionally, a version of the game is inbound to consoles, further increasing the visibility of this zany little franchise.

If you’ve been interested in playing, but unwilling or unable to pay the cost of entry, I might be able to help. I have a spare key to the latest 8 Bit title, 8 Bit Invaders! and I’m offering it to you, my readers.

How to Enter

Just leave a comment on this page. However, during my last giveaway the winner didn’t leave any contact information which caused some problems delivering the prize. So, this time, please leave a comment from a connected account, or provide your twitter handle or email address or some way to contact you in the event that you win.

Comments will be accepted as entries through 3/23/2017. A winner will be chosen on 3/24/2017. Only one entry will be accepted per person.

Good luck, and see you on the battlefield!


  1. It has sounded like a game I’d like to try, just haven’t pulled the trigger on it, due to negative reviews. So I’ll definitely give it a go, if I win a copy. (Haddicus on twitter)

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  2. I am very curious about this title/series… I loved Grey Goo and its production values.. but this one has a lo fi vibe to it that looks great too.


  3. near future military, high fantasy, and 2 science fiction factions? I’m interested to see how this doesn’t turn into an Europeans encounter the native Americans type thing.


  4. Hello
    I looked at this game before, but it didn’t seem to have the foundational differences that Grey Goo has between its factions. The idea of having a variety of fantasy and sci fi factions war together is appealing, but from this review ( it sounded like it didn’t do much to differentiate the factions. I’m interested in what you have to say on it, specifically whether the different universes have a different feel to them, or whether they seem like a reskin.
    my steam name is mr.bear14


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