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AirMech Wastelands Overview at GameSpace

Once upon a time, I wrote for a publication called Sadly, that fine RTS-themed news, views, and reviews site no longer exists (it hasn’t for some years). But, the friendships I made there extended on beyond the life of that site, and I’ve occasionally been asked to write reviews or otherwise be featured in publications where my compatriots have found themselves.

This time around, I actually approached the staff with an offer to cover AirMech Wastelands for them. They agreed, and the piece I put together is now live on that fine site.


I hope you go over there and read the piece, but for a bite-size summary:

I have enjoyed AirMech’s core formula from its earliest days: I view it as a refreshing change of pace for RTS, fun and fast and twitchy, but still requiring finesse and strategy and unit management. And AirMech Wastelands continues in that same tradition, bringing a huge variety of well-designed single player and co-operative content into the picture. But some players are going to find that store a little frustrating, and the inconsistent UI – seriously, the first time you want to leave a store or back out of a mission, you’ll feel it – are marks against this otherwise enjoyable Action-RTS.


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  1. I think Herzog Zwei was the first game that started me down the modern RTS path (surprisingly way back on the mega drive), would make my neighborhood friend at the time play two player all the time.

    Air Commander has done a good job of reviving and updating it ❤


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