I’ll be doing a showmatch against the Grey Goo devs next week!

So, next week the estimable Future_SC and myself will be doing a 2v2 showmatch against ‘Berek’ and ‘Wayward Chicken’ from the Grey Goo team. Here’s a link to their official forum, but I’ll provide the salient details below:

DATE – 25th of February at 10AM PST/1PM EST

LOCATION – my twitch stream (http://www.twitch.tv/waywardrts/)

Teammate – Future is a retired StarCraft 2 progamer who coaches players in the game. Though I might technically be the team’s leader, I’m honored to have him on board and if we end up victorious, it’ll likely be thanks to his efforts more than mine. Sadly, he confirmed shortly before the announcement went live so he couldn’t be billed on the banner, and there’s a placeholder name in there for now.

Thanks in advance to anyone who tunes in.


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