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RTS Intro Video: Company of Heroes 2


    1. About the only thing left to do with line of sight after including obstructions is to give each pair of eyes its own mobile wedge. Troops sprinting would focus ahead. Fatigued troops would scan less often, likewise decoyed or distracted troops. Tanks would be fixed in viewports, assuming they’re buttoned up.

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    2. It’s probably better, in WIC players mostly used heavy (armor, gunships, and Anti-air), neglecting the flexibility of the medium or light units (or infantry). Only helicopters could not capture control points.

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  1. I have to thank you for all the comments you leave! It really means a lot to me that somebody is getting something from my writing and videos


    1. You know, there aren’t many forums on RTS in general, even though the strategies can be similar, and the genre’s been around like 2 decades.

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