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WaywardCast 001 – On Depth, and Suitable Mechanics

Wayward Strategist writers Wayward and Topher talk for over an hour on a variety of RTS-related topics, tackling the concepts of ‘depth’ and ‘strategy’ in RTS games, what constitutes a bad mechanic, the design of real-time tactics games, different player attitudes towards the genre, and more. Come along for the ride and tell us what you think!


  1. Youtube is great, but I’d like to have an RSS feed or something that can catch MP3 files so I can catch them on a podcatcher, or at least download them so I can listen to them when I’m on flights or otherwise not connected.

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  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone! We definitely know this was a very rough attempt at a podcast, of the cuff and without intro or outro. We’ll be revisiting the cast with an eye for length, structure, and content for sure. Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment!

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  3. On intuitive tech trees, I honestly find Starcraft’s is worse than in Grey Goo. It makes sense to me that a larger hub would require a small hub before it, but how does an anti air turret connect with the Engineering Bay? It doesn’t give access to any units, nevermind AA, and marines can already shoot air.
    I think a major reason for your confusion may be that GG’s tech is based on common attributes Beta artillery and tanks can be built with the same teching cost, but their siege unit requires both tank and artillery tech. Units are organized based on common attributes- tanks are tough, artillery are damaging, but siege units are tough and damaging and so require both tank and artillery techs. Both teleporters and hubs aren’t tied into the attachment system, making their prerequisites stand out as illogical.

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