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Wayward’s Watchlist, February 2022

Wow! I haven’t done a “watchlist” article since something like 2016. But 2022 and the future have seemed so rich with RTS and RTSlike titles that I felt like it was something I really needed to try to put together, for myself if no one else. It can often be easy to miss upcoming RTS projects. There’s a lot of games being made, and a lot of cross chatter on social media and reddit. Even for people specifically tuned into this sort of thing, games go under the radar.

So, without further ado, here is a list of 17 upcoming RTS (and RTS adjacent) games that stand a reasonable chance of going into early access, or launching, in 2022, 2023, and later. At the end of the article, I’ve listed 7 other games or studios to watch, who are working on RTS projects that we don’t know much about yet.

1 – Ardent Seas

Game Link:

Release Date: Unknown

Subgenre/niche: Basebuilding/fleet building RTS hybrid

For full disclosure, I am friends with the lead designer on Ardent Seas. However, I’m quite looking forward to this game. Giant ships with multiple weapons systems, a solid relationship between land and water terrain, 3 asymmetrically balanced factions… Ardent Seas seems like its doing its darndest to make me warm up to water maps.

This is a very ambitious indie RTS, attempting to pave its own way as a unique gameplay model. It might have as much in common with something like Homeworld as it has with ‘mainline’ RTS like StarCraft or C&C. Units in Ardent Seas support multiple weapons systems, with deep and involved counterplay between the various weapons and countermeasures that come aboard ships and aircraft.

2 – Beyond All Reason (BAR)

Game Link:

Release Date: currently playable

Subgenre/niche: Large Scale RTS/Total Annihilation-like

While BAR is currently playable, it remains to be seen what its final plans are for distribution. There is currently a launcher for Windows, and Linux, but no Steam (or Epic, or GOG etc) integration or availability. Beyond All Reason began as a 1:1 copy of Total Annihilation, and has morphed into what I feel is fair to call a ‘love letter’ to the venerable and much loved RTS formula.

3 – Broken Arrow

Game Link:

Release Date: “Coming Soon” (1st half 2022?)

Subgenre/niche: Large Scale RTT/Similar to Eugen’s formula

Broken Arrow seems to be a game in the style of Eugen’s Wargame titles. A large scale tactical game, focused on ‘decks’ of units and territory control. It remains to be seen, I think, how Broken Arrow will seek to differentiate itself from something like Wargame, Steel Division, or Eugen’s currently early-access game WARNO, but they are at least targeting a high level of graphical fidelity.

A quick read of the Broken Arrow website mentions drones, unit customization:

Customize your aircraft by choosing weapons, fuel tanks, designation pods, countermeasure pods and decoys.

Add armor or defensive systems to your vehicles and upgrade their weaponry and sensors.

Special forces have access to a wide variety of equipment for you to choose: add suppressors, thermal optics, reconnaissance drones, explosive charges and much more.

4 – Commanding Nations

Game Link:

Release Date: Sep 30, 2022

Subgenre/niche: like Command and Conquer: Generals

Commanding Nations is kind of in a similar boat to Beyond All Reason, in that the developers are basically recreating an RTS classic. In this case, Commanding Nations is quite clearly creating a version of Command and Conquer: Generals. While they are looking into some advancements in terms of gameplay systems, such as birds being startled by passing armies, tank tread marks showing where units have passed by, and the like, their 3 factions bear a lot of resemblance to those from the 2003 RTS.

Instead of nations like the US or China, Commanding Nations seems to be putting the player in control of paramilitary groups which might be almost a little ironic, considering the name of the game.

While fairly ambitious, I believe that the developers are currently independent and working on the game part time, which may have some impact on their ability to deliver on their product.

5 – Company of Heroes 3

Game Link:

Release Date: Unknown

Subgenre/niche: Squad based tactical RTS

One of the most ambitious RTS projects in this list, Company of Heroes 3 is light on modifications of the core COH formula, while adding a huge campaign world more like a Total War title than what players of Relic’s games have experienced in the past.

The actual gameplay is fairly similar to that in previous titles, trying I think to strike a balance between COH1 and COH2 in terms of pacing, lethality, and the like. The Battlegroups system (as shown in the 2 multiplayer previews held as of this writing) is a huge step up from Commanders in the previous title, and Relic has really taken its faction design to the next level, with US forces choosing what benefits they get at each veterancy level and German forces having different faction-wide specializations that change what grenades, veterancy, and other bonuses they have available to them.

There are some things in the previews that are slightly concerning, from tanks feeling a little too sluggish, and the in game HUD being lackluster in comparison to that seen in the older COH games, but it’s unclear what of that will make it into the final product.

As of this writing, I’m feeling like COH3 is definitely going to be one I pick up and enjoy. I’m very hopeful for this game.

6 – Crossfire Legion

Game Link:

Release Date: Spring 2022 (for Early Access)

Subgenre/niche: Plays like a Blizzard RTS, but with a ‘loadout’ of unit types the player can train

Wayward Strategy preview article

I have already spilled a lot of digital ink over Crossfire: Legion; check out my preview above for my complete thoughts. At its foundation, it plays somewhat like StarCraft: 2 resources that mimic Vespene and Minerals to a degree, similar map design, unit designs that are probably a little more than coincidentally similar to units like the Vulture or Marine. But there’s a lot of exciting potential in Crossfire: their key selling point is that players will be able to choose “Commanders” and units in a sort of loadout that will let the player choose which units they can train in a match, and what support powers they have access to as well. Also, Crossfire: Legion looks like it’s going to include a variety of competitive and co-operative gameplay modes for players to enjoy.

7 – Dune: Spice Wars

See the source image

Game Link:

Release Date: 2022

Subgenre/niche: 4X/RTS Hybrid, according to developer. Riffing on Northgard gameplay?

Hold the phone. Stop. Take a breath. Look at the screenshot again. Dune: Spice Wars is not going to be a Westwood-style RTS with Wind Traps generating power for buildings, and Construction Yards pumping out buildings for C&C style slugfests. This game seems to take its direction from Northgard to a greater or lesser degree (it’s developed by the same studio, for starters). The developers are calling it a “4x/RTS hybrid” with combat, sure, but also diplomacy and probably a Northgard-like array of various win conditions.

Whatever you might call the specific genre of this game, I am quite looking forward to it. Even if it were nothing more than Dune-flavored Northgard (and it certainly seems a lot more ambitious than that) I’d be tickled. But as I said, Spice Wars is looking for more than Shiro’s other title: larger maps, more features, more moving pieces. It’s definitely as exciting project.

8 – Global Conflagration

See the source image

Game Link:

Release Date: unknown

Subgenre/niche: COH/C&C Hybrid (?)

I feel a bit bad. Global Conflagration looks like a neat game, but I missed out on its recent public playtest due to being a parent with 4 kids and 2 jobs as well as writing articles (occasionally, anyway) and doing videos on YouTube. So I can’t talk about the gameplay with as much confidence as I’d like.

In terms of gameplay, what I believe GC is doing is utilizing Company of Heroes-style control points, only players are able to build structures around each control point, for a kind of COH/C&C hybrid gameplay. I’m looking forward to seeing more about how that works in real time.

9 – Homeworld 3

See the source image

Game Link:

Release Date: Q4 2022

Subgenre/niche: It’s a Homeworld game

I mean, I could just say “holy shit! It’s more Homeworld!” and be done with it.

But seriously: holy shit! It’s more Homeworld! Blackbird just about knocked the Deserts of Kharak out of the park, and Homeworld 3 looks to be a lot higher budget, not to mention a return to form for the franchise. In addition, the space terrain and mega-structures involved make the game more breathtaking than ever. I’m incredibly excited to see more of what BBI is doing with the Homeworld universe.

10 – Immortal: Gates of Pyre

See the source image

Game Link: Gates of Pyre site

Release Date: unknown (currently invite only alpha test)

Subgenre/niche: Free to Play Science Fantasy Blizzard-like with sub factions

Strongly inspired by StarCraft 2, Immortal: Gates of Pyre is looking to capture the hearts and minds of esports fans. Planned at launch to feature multiple factions (5 or more?) with an expanding stable of factions, Immortals (a commander or subfaction system that swaps out a couple of units and adding a unique selection of support powers), Immortal also plans to be free to play. It’s planned to launch with multiplayer only and add more game modes and single player and co-op content over time.

Immortal is hoping to wow players with tight gameplay and deep unit interactions, as well as providing players a lot of room to engage on their own terms with the Immortal system and number of factions, which provide both flavor: some of the planned factions are angels, plant people, and sci-fi humans.

11 – Liquidation

See the source image

Game Link:

Release Date: Unknown

Subgenre/niche: tactical RTS, somewhat like Dawn of War meets StarCraft

Liquidation Alpha Demo First Look by me.

A project led by the 1-man developer of Warcraft 2-inspired RTS Loria, Liquidation is a science-fantasy RTS that feels like a combination of Warhammer: Dawn of War and Warcraft 3. The development has had its ups and downs, and actually shut down development briefly (it’s mostly being developed by a solo dev).

The game will feel familiar to both players of Dawn of War and Warcraft 3. Units can swap weapons: going from anti-vehicle plasma guns to anti-infantry sniper rifles, or between AOE axes and single-target swords. Resources are gathered through automated structures placed next to mineral deposits. Players have engineers which build structures and defenses, and heavy tanks that are almost impervious to lighter weapon types. There are control points that can have defenses built on them, as well. Units are trained and controlled individually, more like Warcraft than Dawn of War.

It’s been a rocky road so far for the developer, but it seems like development has been picked up again.

12 – Men of War 2

Game Link:

Release Date: 2022

Subgenre/niche: Real Time Tactical game

Men of War is a beloved tactical franchise, and the announcement of a new title was a big deal to fans of the other Men of War games. Known for being more realistic than Relic’s Company of Heroes titles, Men of War 2 is promising 3 armies with a total of around 300 vehicles. They are also promising co-op play, next-generation AI, more advanced destructible terrain, and a lot more.

13 – Moduwar

Game Link:

Release Date: Q1 2022

Subgenre/niche: Science Fiction RTS; players customize large tile-based units in an alien world

Who doesn’t want to grow their own army of water-dwelling fleshbeasts? Moduwar is a game seeking to scratch just that itch: in this title, players grow and control armies of swimming primordial monsters. Players can mix and match a wide variety of components to create modular creatures with whips, acidic spit, and tons of other appendages and organs. Creatures can be split apart and reorganized on the fly to react and adapt to the battlefield and their opponents.

14 – Nebulous: Fleet Command

Game Link:

Release Date: Feb 11, 2022

Subgenre/niche: Somewhat similar to Homeworld?

One of my friends described this game as a tactical Homeworld. Promising that “Band-boxing your units and right clicking the enemy doesn’t fly here. With small, intimate battles, we offer you unparalleled control of every unit right down to their individual mounts.”

The game sounds like a mixture of Battlefleet Gothic Armada and Homeworld, which feels like a compelling combination. Each ship is highly customizable:

There are no healthbars; every ship is held together by its armor and its components. All armor damage is positional, meaning hits to undamaged areas will face the full weight of the armor plating. The armor protects the soft, critical interior components and the ship’s crew who will fight frantically to keep the ship operational. Damage control teams will move from compartment to compartment, repairing damage where they can according to a module’s criticality and the player’s priorities.

While the game is mechanically ambitious, I worry about the complexity and production values.

15 – Regiments

Game Link:

Release Date: 2022

Subgenre/niche: Large Scale RTT/Similar to Eugen’s formula

Another game riffing on Eugen’s Wargame formula. I don’t know a lot about this one yet, aside from the fact that it’s being published by Microprose. It does look like (screenshot below) players call in reinforcements in groups. I do know that someone on my Discord who has tried it is very pleased with how it iterates on the Eugen formula, but I don’t have a lot of solid details about it at this point.

Regiments, similar to WARNO, is set in the Cold War era (1980s) rather than World War 2 era.

According to their Steam page:

Main features

  • A strategic dynamic campaign, encompassing warfare around the Inner German border
  • Three distinct skirmish modes with varied, dynamic objectives
  • Aggressive, competent AI that can challenge experienced RTS players
  • On-the-fly force customization, rewarding adaptability, and creativity
  • Deep game mechanics, simulating the Cold War era mechanized fight with great detail
  • Four key Cold War Factions: Soviet Union, USA, West Germany, and East Germany
  • Visceral visual effects, bringing the WWIII to your screen in all its terrifying glory
  • Over 60 authentic vehicles modeled, combined into a multitude of different formations. Deploy such iconic vehicles as Leopard 2, T-72M or M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
  • Smooth learning curve and high accessibility even to novice RTS players
  • Refined controls that make commanding hundreds of soldiers a breeze”

16 – Sanctuary

Game Link:

Release Date: unknown

Subgenre/niche: Large Scale RTS/Total Annihilation-like

Another game seeking to make a name for itself in the large scale RTS space, Sanctuary is a game in the Supreme Commander/Total Annihilation formula that’s trying to deviate from some of the conventions that these games are known for.

17 – Starship Troopers: Terran Command

Game Link:

Release Date: Mar 31, 2022

As near as I can tell. Starship Troopers: Terran Command is a somewhat defensive-oriented real time strategy game. Players utilize choke points, cover, and elevation in order for their high firepower Mobile Infantry forces to overcome the massive numbers of the Bugs, while still going out on the map to complete objectives. It’s not, as I had originally assumed, a They Are Billions-like, strictly speaking, though I think some missions might have that sort of feel to them. There’s actually a fair balance of offense and defense.

The game features line of sight systems, and units can’t fire through their friends, which actually has a profound impact on how fast those Bugs drop, depending on how you array your forces. It definitely feels promising, and as a fan of Starship Troopers, I’m likely to pick it up to take a chance on it.

18 – Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance

Game Link:

Release Date: Unknown (soon)

Subgenre/niche: Large Scale RTT/Similar to Eugen’s formula (?)

I’m including a link to the gameplay trailer for this game because frankly I’m not sure what to make of it at this time (see below).

From the sound of it, Dark Fate – Defiance might be more of an RTT than an RTS: it seems like it won’t have base building, and the HUD shown in the trailer feels a bit evocative of the Wargame titles or maybe Company of Heroes.

I wonder, by the way, if they can manage to fit another punctuation into the title? Maybe Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance; Rise of the Machines? Add a semicolon in there to keep the colon and hyphen company?

I kid, I kid.

Anyway, I think time will have to tell with this one for me. I am not a Terminator fan, and while I do love RTT (World in Conflict is a favorite of mine) I don’t feel like the current gameplay video is answering all of my questions about how it works. I’m intrigued, but still hesitant. Looking forward to getting more information on it in the near future.

19 – WARNO

Game Link:

Release Date: currently playable (early access)

Subgenre/niche: Large Scale RTT/Eugen formula

WARNO? More like WARYES, am I right?

In spite of the weird name (it’s apparently short for “Warning Order” – Eugen’s popular Wargame series is back and that’s probably reason to be happy if you were into the series. I personally consider the Wargame titles some of the most interesting games I can’t quite bring myself to get into: the gameplay is compelling, as is the deck building element of bringing your own personal force together, but the series has historically had a very steep learning curve in terms of both army composition and gameplay systems.

WARNO is off to a bit of a rocky start with some players taking issue with the fairly barebones content in the Early Access version of the game, but the game’s rating on Steam has risen from Mixed to Mostly Positive since its debut in late January, which is a positive note.

This game is likely to appeal to Eugen’s core audience – it remains to be seen if they’re able to expand their reach with the implementation of some more intuitive systems, or better teaching of their systems, and whether and what this game will bring to the table beyond more of what they’ve already done before.

On a personal note, I’m cautiously interested – Like I said above, I am delighted with the systems at a high level; I’ve just had some issues grokking the gameplay. If I can feel reasonably sure that WARNO (or Broken Arrow) will address my issues and challenges with the Eugen model, I might pick one of them up.

Other projects of note

A screengrab from the teaser for Slipgate Ironworks’ “Unannounced RTS” as shared by Fred Schreiber – full disclosure, I am the lead game designer on this game.

While I’d love to write more about the below projects, for one reason or another I’m unable to share as much about these. In some cases, we only really know about the company itself, as in the case with Frost Giant and Uncapped games. For Dorf RTS, Slipgate’s Unannouned RTS, Units Under Attack Studio, and Dust Front, there’s no Steam page, Epic Store page, or other website that can be referred to at this point. The games exist mostly on Twitter, YouTube, or both right now. But I thought it was good to include mention of them anyway.

Please let me know in the comments what I might’ve missed!


  1. Nice big list of forthcoming RTS games. Is it finally safe to say that we are seeing the come back of the RTS? There’s a lot of old franchises having games developed but a slew of newer games as well. Either way it’s a great time to be a fan of the genre!


      1. Petroglyph’s latest announced title is Earthbreakers, which is an FPS with a BIT of RTSlike elements. There’s harvesters that go out and gather resources for your team to use to upgrade your base and gear, but I think you also gain resources from attacking the enemy as well.

        Resources are also used to build/rebuild turrets (on pre-defined spots) and vehicles from your team’s vehicle factory. Everything in the base can be upgraded basically.

        I never played Renegade but I remember comparisons being made to that.

        AFAIK it’s on indefinite hold while Petro are working on an unannounced project


    1. good list of the new rts games .i would like to play some of them : men of war 3 and company of heroes 3 and try another more from the list . good year for rts games !

      note :i miss in the list two project rts games: edge of chaos and battle of middle earth reforged .
      and the game 3D realms.


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